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Sunday, October 05, 2008

At work...

I work at a nursing home every other Sunday, sitting at the front desk. I have been worked at this same nursing home off and on for over five years. I first started as a nursing assistant and then after I had James and the nursing home moved into a new facility I started working reception. I worked part time evenings after coming back from my maternity leave and then when Caleb started doing landscaping this past summer I cut back to every other Sunday. Now that the summer is coming to a close and Caleb is going to be getting laid off for the winter I am going to need to go back to work. :( If anyone has any wonderful ideas for stay at home work feel free to send them my way!
Yesterday was a busy day, we got our first family pictures taken. My aunt Hannah is a photographer and for our Christmas present this year she took our pictures! We headed down to Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis and spent the beautiful morning with some family, got our pics taken, and went out to lunch. It was really nice. I hope our pictures turned out ok, right before we started the shoot James was walking around on the cement, tripped over his feet, and landed smack on his face. Needless to say he looked a little beat up. He was also quite cranky so I am not sure how many, if any smiles there will be from him.
When we got back I headed over to Caleb's brother's house to finish up taking his wife's baby belly pictures, which I started this past Thursday. I will put some on here and my photo blog when I get the go from her.


Sara said...

Yeah... working stinks.. It takes up five days of my week I could be spending with The Monkeys.

That Nora Girl said...

Psssst! Open an Etsy shop!

Also, I hope James' sweet little face feels better!

nicole said...

I am sure the pictures turn out fantastic and I hope you show all of them of to us.

You take great pictures, beome a photographer, you have an advantage with your aunt right there for all open questions to it.

Be a professional blog commentar. Everybody loves getting comments on their blogs from you. Me included.