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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Celebration of the Lakes

Today we headed out for some good ole fashion Minnesota fun...playing on frozen lakes. We went to the 17th Annual Celebration of the Lakes.
Sled dog rides, Snowmobile drag racing, Turkey bowling on ice (yes, that's what I said) and other fun activities all take place on a lake. Click the link for a complete list of events. I grew up on the lake they used to have this on. There is a hot air balloon launch, and that is what I remember as a child. Waking up to a bunch of hot air balloons above my house. We, unfortunately missed the launch. I might go back tomorrow just to see it, but we will see. James went absolutely crazy for all of the snowmobiles and four wheelers. For the majority of the time we watched the snowmobile races, James loved them! My sweet. So serious.

This is a view of part of the action. It was taken while I was driving by. Just a fun fact: the church you see in the background was the church in Grumpy Old Men.

Watching the snowmobiles so attentively.

The little racers...look how cute they are!

James after one minute in the car on our way home.

James not even another minute later.
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~Jamie said...

Looks like FUN? Yeah that's a question because it looks REALLY cold! I love when they crash in the car!

CC said...

that is so cool looking! And I mean that in multiple ways. ;)

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

It does look chilly there, but I'm sure it was a heat wave to you all! LOL Very pretty there!

pehpot said...

the 7th photo was really cute!

I would really love to hear more form you (I am following you now and also put you on my blog lost)I hope we exchange link..

Also I have an awardfor you at my blog. I hope you will play along.

Honey Mommy said...

I bet my sons would have loved the snowmobiles too! It's good that you got to get out and enjoy the day, even if it was cold!

Casey's trio said...

WOW! What great fun...totally different experiences than what I have in CA. I loved all the pictures.