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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

What a morning. We woke up with no heat, and after a few people coming out to look at the furnace it won't be fixed until next TUESDAY! What a bunch of bologna! We have heat, but the thing won't shut off (ya know that thing?) so we have to let it get super hot in here then shut the whole thing off for two hours and repeat. Until Tuesday. ugh. That doesn't make any sense, but what I was getting at is that it is going to be a huge hassle! Nice way to start the new year! I hope everyone has a great day and starts that list of resolutions...oh I guess that maybe just me.
12,456 vistors to my blog in one year! Thank you readers!


The Mouse House said...

Hope you get your furnace fixed real soon!

Christina said...

love the picture - how cute! Happy New year. Maybe you'll have a new year miracle and get the furnace fixed sooner!

Sara said...

what a cute little bum! Happy New Year!

tahtimbo said...

It sounds like it is a thermostat. If you replace it, that may solve the problem and save you a nice big repair bill. Don't worry they are very simple to replace.
Happy New Year!!

Roxanne said...

Oooh no! That sucks! I hope it gets fixed soon!

Nikowa said...

Praying Tuesday comes quickly & you stay warm. I also LOVE the diaper :)

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