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Friday, January 02, 2009

Over a week late...

I know I really slacked the last couple weeks, and Christmas was in there and a handful of other holidays. This is a makeup post, it contains our Christmas pictures. We did a lot, these are just from three of the things...
Christmas Eve: My Aunt Amy's
My cousin Rox and I
The little kids table :)
Caleb and I
Mick and James
One cool kid
Christmas Eve night: James' new kitchen

Christmas morning: at home

James seeing his kitchen with huge eyes, he loves it.

What a mess

Christmas afternoon: G-ma and G-pa's house (I was at work, yes I had to work)

James playing with G-ma and his cousins Jacob and Cade


Stacy said...

Cute pictures! Happy New Year to you!

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

OMG Bridget how hard was that kitchen to put together? Cameron got that same one last year and Santa was up till 3:00 am putting it together. I'm sure Caleb had a few choice word to say while putting it together if he was anything like Tim was. LOL!!!