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Friday, April 17, 2009

poor baby boo-boo

Battle wounds are what make boys, boys right? Or maybe a hysterical mother who immediately drives them to hospital is what makes them boys? The last one is probably it!
James somehow accomplished falling off of a chair backwards and landing on concrete on the back of his head. I don't ask questions so I have no idea how he busted his chin open. He had a Graham cracker in is hand? That's one of my possible reasons. Damn sharp crackers! He received the dermabond for his chin (liquid stitches) and they checked his noggin out and that was OK, that was my biggest concern. It looks kind of soggy in this picture, it was an actual deep cut when it happened.
I am actually contemplating my moms idea of just spending the rest of mine and James' life not leaving our couch and wearing helmets at all times.


Anonymous said...

Dont forget the water wings too =)
Helmet, water wings, sittin on the couch with your hands folded!

Melissa said...

yikes! That is so hard to see! Hope he gets better soon!

Roxy said...

and always holding hands whenever you cross the street!

Jenny said...

Aww..I'm sorry he got hurt! I'm just waiting for Eli's first big boo-boo! I'm not looking forward to it at all!

My mom is a fan of helmets too. She always made us wear helmets whenever we climbed trees! Our friends always made fun of us. haha! I think I might be a mom like that!

Mainegirl/Pauline said...