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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


On Mother's day My Aunt Teresa and cousins Roxanne and Charlotte came up for lunch. Yummy! Thank you guys! We also headed up to the good ole Fawn-Doe-Rosa. It was so much fun! James was very brave! He had lots of fun feeding all the animals, until he got bit by the donkey. HA!! Ok, I shouldn't be laughing, but this donkey just bit his finger like it was a piece of food. His face was priceless. It wasn't a horribly bad bite, but made a good dent for a while!

The donkey that bit James.


Anonymous said...

Damn donkeys!

Roxy said...

That was so fun! I had to tell the airport officials here in New Zealand that I had been at a farm like place before I came here because they have really strict biosecurity! But I got in the country!

Anonymous said...

Lawsey Mercy, I think donkeys are mean! next time, just let JimmyJam stick his finger in a barracudas mouth! Love,Maam-ma