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Monday, May 18, 2009

Yes, it has been a while...Mr. McP!

Speaking of Mr. McP & Mrs. McP and JJ and Dean I just had to brag about the heavenly scent of these beauties...
This is how fresh and lush this great state of Minnesota is right now. Perfectly beautiful warm, but not too warm days, cool evenings. Ahhh breath taking. Oh. Sorry. Um. Don't get a sun burn! Minnesota misses you!

Yesterday James and I were bored with no money and a super nice day so we headed to the Franconia Sculpture Park. It was a lot more fun this year with James being a bit older. He actually had a lot of fun looking at all of the crazy creations.

He was a little timid about going into this one.

This was easily his favy. He just ran around and around it.
We would talk about the sculptures and it was really fun to ask him what he thought they looked like. The one above: I think you can imagine what he thought it looked like, as probably most people do. POOP!

He got really excited seeing these ones and ran towards them, he thought they looked like his favorite food french fries! God, I love this kid!My favorite pic of the day.
Sorry about the delay since the last post. Please come back soon, a full baby #2 update with pictures coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks B. I have been holding my breath since the last post and geeze I was turning a wee bit blue! McP.

Anonymous said...

OOPs, nice pic's bridge!!! Mr. McP.