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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Numero Dos

I didn't really want to post much until I had my first doctor's visit. I went in on Monday morn. It went very good and everything is looking good so far! There is definitely a babe in there! I got a picture to prove it:
There is the babe and my yolk sac, that doesn't sound gross or anything. I had my ultrasound pretty early so that is why:
A. The baby looks like a blob. If you look hard enough though (his head is down, so he is upside down) I think it looks like a tiny person wearing a construction hat and boots. Maybe that is just me?
B. You can see the yolk sac. This normally disappears pretty early so you don't normally see it in U/S pics.

She took baby's heart beat twice, the first time it was 150 and the second time it was 143. James' was right around this too. Nice and healthy. Yipee!

Oh my due date is 1/1/10! Kinda cool. The nurse was saying they give away pretty nice prizes to babies born on this day. Count me in for fun and games! Even though I think all labor and deliveries should include some nice prizes! Yes, I know the baby is more than anything anyone could ever give me for a prize, but a random prize would be fun.

I have been feeling relatively OK. SUPER tired and a little nauseous, but if that's the worst of it I will take it! I was really sick with James for a few weeks straight. It was a nightmare. I haven't been an emotional wreck like last time either. I should be ending all these sentences with a NOT YET ANYWAYS. I am still not very far a long and these things could pop out tomorrow for all I know. If you are bored and up for some stories about my vomiting and crazy emotions from the last pregnancy click on the previous words. You know you want to read them.

And to save everyone else from vomiting while reading my blog, unlike last time, I will be holding off on belly pics for a long time. Trust me, you don't want to see it now!

As for names, I am stumped and will be for the entire pregnancy. If you ever hear any cute names please feel free to drop on by and comment with lots of names. I am going to need help!

There is my baby update and I will update more when I know more!


Anonymous said...

This time it is a girl and my recomended name is "Maggie" as "Margeret". Just one selection for the bridge! Wow, wishing you the best..............McP!

Breanna said...
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Breanna said...

Sorry i deleted my first post (i cant spell)

I am Predicting a GIRL :)


Lauren♥Jaden♥Kaylie said...

Congrats! How exciting :)

Anonymous said...

awe! I'm getting baby fever!

Michelle said...

aaawwww! how sweet!! we are ready for the belly pics too!!!

Melissa said...

Yay, it is official!!! So happy for you!

Justi said...