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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tha Zooizle...What up?

Tiff and I took the girls and James to the Como Zoo today. It was kind of gloomy, cool day, so we figured it would be quiet with no one there. Apparently, everyone else thought that too :) We had fun anyway! Thank you Tiffany for driving AGAIN! Get ready for lots of pics!

Sweet Kylee

The cutest little baby monkey.

Mama and babe

Skipper, McKenzie, and Kylee all cuddling up next to the giant metal monkey.


3 cheers for cotton candy!!

Hip Hip Horrah!

This was the point where James was not allowed out of his stroller. I don't really blame him, but he didn't want to be in it. I did, however. He threw a big tantrum when I put him back in his stroller the first time and quite frankly I didn't want to relive the moment. Sorry punkin!


Kenz and James looking at the lions.

Kenz, Tiff, and Kylee. Good gravy wonder where the good looks come from in those precious girly girls?

Miss Kenzie

Wired on cotton candy with a giraffe.

Sparky! It's amazing how old this sea lion must be. I saw him when I was a peanut and so did my mom! :) There was this really really old sea lion in a different tank and I was thinking that it's possible that was my sparky. Who knows. Sorry mom, but it probably isn't yours :)

Parky Parky as James yelled for him.

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