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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wild Mountain

Originally, the plans for today consisted of going to the Minnesota Zoo with a few of James' closes buddies to celebrate his birthday. The last 2 days have been WELL above 90, tropical dew points and high humidity. Needless to say, we all thought it was going to be a tad too warm to be walking around in the beating sun at the zoo. The celebrations seem to be split, today Sarah's idea was to go to Wild Mountain. Wild Mountain is a fun little water park (in the summer, in the winter it is a ski resort). It is only about 8 miles from my house and this was James' first time going there. He and Rowan thoroughly enjoyed it! Tomorrow we will be hanging out with some of James' other super cute buddies!

Getting a little excited before getting wet.
This is a newer part of Wild Mountain for kids. The frog slide is to the right. There is a big Lazy River that borders this area, that was my favorite part :) The big slides are not very close to this part.

Rowan going down the frog slide.

And James going down

My sweet shivering punkin eating chips and people watching

Happy Happy boys!

Having SO much fun!

I didn't really take any pics of the older kids/adult water slides. I took James down one with me and he didn't like it too much. It was that enjoyable for me either. We were in a tube and he was on my lap, his head kept hitting me in the head and he kept getting water in his face. Poor kid. I think he had a bad first impression because Rowan seemed to love it and went down it at least 3 times. After that experience, for some reason James wouldn't go down the frog slide anymore. The big slide was THAT devastating! LOL!

Sweet Ro Ro!

This picture was especially taken for my dad. Dad, I thought of you the whole time I was eating these. I miss you! A Wild Mountain favorite of ours.

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Bowen said...

What a cutie! Happy belated bday to him!

I hope I get to see him in person next month ... did you get the party invite? It'd be great to see you!