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Friday, June 26, 2009

sweeties and doctors apts

These two are so sweet together. Ahhh I could just eat them up!
On Monday James and I both went in for a doc apt. Him for his 2 year well check up and me for my second prenatal visit.
James stats:
Weight- 26.4lbs (35th percentile)
Height- 35 inches (75th percentile)
Tall and skinny, don't mind me any. At least I don't have to worry about childhood obesity! :) I know he eats, he is just extremely active. He looks good in all other aspects too.
My stats:
Weight- ha ha ha Yeah right
Baby's heart rate- 170 bpm! Wow, definitely higher than James' ever was. His was always in the 140-150 range!
Everything is going well with the pregnancy so far, everything is looking good.


Ka said...

So Cute!

Melissa said...

Girl, Girl, Girl ;)