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Monday, July 06, 2009

Bayfield July 09

Aren't mini getaways fun? Relaxing? This one was no exception! We headed up to Bayfield, WI to visit Caleb's dad and take in the beautiful scenery on Friday at around nap time. Traffic wasn't too bad and it was a beautiful day to be driving. We got there 3 hours later and just hung out that night and had some great food. The great food thing continues through out our whole stay. OH YUM!

Since the last time we were up there, which actually has been exactly a year, Caleb's dad and wife got a few new pets. Some birds. James loved playing with them, he thought it was hilarious!

That night Caleb's dad Randy and his wife Terri definitely pulled out no stops when it came to playing up the whole Grandparent thing:

Here Grandma sugared up James beyond all recognition...He was definitely getting used to the idea of hanging out at there house for a while at this point. :)

Here is Grandpa playing cars with James when he should have been sleeping. They are great loving people. I love that! It is so fun for me (and James too I'm sure) to see James with his grandparents. He has 7 grandparents and never sees any of them! Some here, some there, and some even out of the country.

The Bayfield marina, This is they view from a road right by Grandma and Grandpa's house. They have a great view!

On the 4th we went out for breakfast, more great food! I took this pic of James and I in my spoon while we were waiting for our food.

We went to Big Sand Bay, A beautiful beach on Lake Superior. I really wish we would have brought our swim suits, it was so hot there is no doubt about it where I would have been.
This is a pic of Caleb throwing a rock in the water, I thought it was kinda cool. Look how clear the water is.

James didn't really care that he didn't bring his trucks, nor did he care the water was a bit on the chilly side.

I didn't take any pics of the fireworks. I was just more interested in watching James watch the fireworks for the first time. He LOVED them. Around dinner time I was explaining to him what we were going to do and see. I told him when they went up into the air we would say
ooooooooh-ahhhhh. So when showtime came, even with out my cue or without anyone else saying anything, he went on with the ooohs and ahhhs. Peanut punkin head! It was really nice because we didn't have to deal with tons of people and all that chaos. We were able to watch them right from Caleb's dad's deck! It was really nice!

Main street in Bayfield.

Yesterday, (Sunday) we headed over to a car show. James loved all the old cars...we knew he would since he loves anything cars! We then went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant and then headed home!

This is the car Caleb wants...yeah right :)

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