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Friday, July 10, 2009

James' Chevrolet Camaro

When we were in AZ this last time, Grampy (My mom's husband) gave James a toy Camaro. James is in love with this car. It has been to heck and back. He carried it around with him every where. It would be parked right next to his plate when he ate, it has had many 'o' car washes due to food being jammed in the seats. He even slept with this big hunk of metal every night. Through all this beating, the car has depreciated in value I assume by loosing some parts, all 4 tires, steering wheel, rear view and side mirrors, dashboard, the seats are broken, the doors won't stay shut...I think you get the point. He still plays with it like it has all 4 tires and the rest of it's parts, he could care less. Here is the poor beater...

Since he loves this car so much we decided to get him a new one. He opted for a convertible this time around...
This one is a little harder to sleep with. :)


RoxyLou said...

That is funny! He is so cute by that car!
Thanks for the comments on my blog~ I appreciate it!

Love, Rox

Lydia said...

That's awesome!!!
I love these little boys and their obsessions :)
Aleric has to sleep with his train every night too

Anonymous said...

Hey I gave him the first car and refuse to buy him the second..............I think I want the second one myself! Boy he did "a number" on the first one! That's funny, I am glad he enjoyed it so much! Grumpy grampy

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