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Monday, July 13, 2009

Karl Oskar Days '09

This past weekend was Karl Oskar Days, a weekend of festivities in the town I grew up in. James had loads of fun rockin it into all hours of the night. My friend Tiffany lives right on the parade route so that is awesome...no diaper changes in the mist of crowds of people necessary. This was James' 3rd Karl Oskar parade, you can see pics from the first here and the second here. What was different about this one was he was actually kickin it curb side and able to grab and eat the candy thrown.

Being such a good boy and patiently waiting for the parade to start with his buds Ro-Ro and Kylee.

Fighting for their lives for candy. James had this weird thing about only picking up tootsie rolls for a while...that passed, he must have just known I love tootsie rolls!

Doing a little jig for the fire fighters

Our Candy Queen. This little pip squeak was the quickest candy picker upper ever! Now that I just looked back at last years post on the parade, apparently she gets this from her sister :)

The parade was Saturday and yesterday we went back for more fun. We saw some live music and fireworks.
The kids (James, Jaden, Kenzie, Kylee) plopped on the ground eating some delicious treats before the fireworks.

James and Kylee diggin the live band. They danced their hearts out.

The band was a Beatles tribute band called A Hard Days Night. They were really fun.

We tried to go sit down to get ready for the fireworks, but James wouldn't let me :)

Finally, we saw a great fireworks show...we had the best seats in the house!

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Melissa said...

looks like lots of fun was had!