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Friday, August 07, 2009

Garage Sale Crowds

It is a lot of freaking work to have a garage sale. My girlfriend Tiffany, her mom Patty, and I had the experience of throwing a heck of a garage sale. It was actually intended for last week only, but we were feeling frisky, or had nothing better to do, so we decided to do it this weekend too.

It is kind of fun to watch people, and see the different kinds of people that bargain hunt. I am one of these people, but when I am garage saling (I don't think saling, saleing is a word) I don't really look at the other people at the sales.

Hello prego ladies! I think the majority of our "customers" were pregnant, and even if they weren't Patty asked when they were due...oops :) These pregnant people get of the couch, put the jalapenos and sour patch kids down, and search for some damn good deals on clothes. Maybe that is me.

You then get the hard core garage salers. These are the type of people that will come into a sale with their fanny packs on and comfortable Reebok's squeaking telling you your prices are too high. They like to pick out every little item that forgot to get marked and ask how much. One particular lady came, asked a bunch of prices then came back the next day and asked again probably hoping to get different answers.

You get the random middle aged men that show up by themselves, killing time or looking for fishing equipment.

Kid garage salers are funny, they come with their little purses and wallets picking out the junkiest of junk and paying for it themselves. A 10 year old or so girl buying an old stained lamp? I remember being at this age and older and going to garage sales. Finding candles and cool fun stuff for my room to only be disappointed when I got home and at the age of 15 my mom would make me put any candles or incense on a large metal cookie sheets.

The barterers. Original price: $5.00
Saler: I'll give you $1.00 for this.
Seller: I am pretty firm on the price, it is an antique.
Saler: $4.00?
Seller: How about $4.50?
Saler: Ok, I'll take it.

I could go on and on about this garage sale. I will stop and save you the time :)

A random picture of one of the tables...see anything you like make an offer :) Please notice the red man picture frame. I saw this on the table and thought it looked oddly familiar. Oh yes, my friend Tiffany is selling it. I only gave it to her as a birthday present 10+ years ago. THAT'S ALL! LOL!

Tiffany made a killing off of her girls clothes. This is what was left after 4 days of doing the garage sale. Let's just say she had quite a bit of clothing. Some of the behind the scenes work: Sorting 4 totes, 12 garbage bags, and a few boxes full of girls clothing into outfits, size and then pricing it.

Need an ice cube tray?

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