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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

gotta love me the sound of some dirty money

Yesterday we went over to my grandma's house for the annual money count. (My grandparents save up all their change and misc bills and we get together and count, sort, and divide it up amongst the cousins) We had lots of fun! James loved all of the money! For James' first money count click here and for last year click here.

We went to Divanni's for lunch. YUM!

James had lots and lots of fun with my cousins playing with his cars.

playing some video games with my aunt Teresa

A very sad story about this pizza. When we were leaving my grandma's house, I was walking out with my aunt and talking to her. My grandma gave me a big box of left over pizza which I set on the front of my car to get James in his car seat. I talked to my aunt some more, got into my car and drove away. Forgetting the pizza was on the front of my car! boo hoo! I blame this on my pregnancy brain :)

Sorting some coins!
James loved playing with the money and counting it. We practiced the day before with a bunch of pennys to get him ready LOL!
How the gang normally looks during this serious time.

James, a happy little boy with a wad of bills :)


Anonymous said...

Oh fun! I wish I was there =(
I miss that day! How long have we been doing that anyways? The first picts I remember are of Erika maybe 8? Good ole grandma and grandpa for doing that every year. Love, Maamawishesjustonceshewouldbethereinaugust

Anonymous said...

It was fun seeing you and James! I believe the first money count was 12 years ago - because I know Jasper was only about 1 year old.

Audreee said...

That's so sad about the pizza! It looked darn tasty.

Roxanne said...

I hope I can come next year! And hopefully Erika will be there too!