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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Michigan part 2

Please see previous post for part 1!

You will see in future pictures, this position to be pretty common for James in the sand. He just liked getting all sandy. EEK!

We had absolutely fabulous food all week. My dad is an amazing cook...we were so lucky growing up. James decided to lay on the floor and watch his pappy cook dinner.

My dad and his dad working on a home improvement project.

My beautiful sister Erika.

My sweetness and I.

Catching a little sun with the pups.


He was pretty dang good on this :)

The toy room, yes, I said ROOM. This was very exciting for him. Lots and lots of new toys to play with. What more could a kid want?

For anyone who doesn't know my dad, this is him. Plain and simple, this is him. Ugh I love you and missed you dad!


Anonymous said...

LIl jimmy is doing his famous imitation of a sand flea! HA- grand grumpy

Anonymous said...

Awe, looks like fun. LoveMaamawontgettoMNtilfreakinJan!! PS I think I may some winter outdoor gear!

melissa said...

It so IS your dad!! I miss him too!! Looks like you had a great time. I miss being there with you :(