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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Michigan part one

We just got back from a nice little vacation up to the U.P. of Michigan. My grandparents live out there and we have a family cabin there. It was so nice to number one, see my dad and Vicki, and number two, spend time with my sis and see my grandparents who I rarely see.

It is around a 7 hour drive, which the thought of made me cringe with a 2 year old in stow. He was GREAT both ways! James was fine with it, he didn't sleep until 45 minutes before we got there. He even went potty in an out house! That was a huge shock figuring we aren't actively potty training yet.

Since I have so many pictures, I am going to post them in sets over time. This allows me to get more on here sooner...if that makes any sense?

James with his little riding buddy Frieda. Vicki brought both of her dogs.

The next morning after we arrived. Ain't nothin like a Big Boy breakfast buffet!

A little train James had fun on.

A picture of my sis in the cabin. It is kind of hard to see, but right out the windows is Lake Michigan. Pure Heaven!

James walking across the bridge my dad made going to the lake.

His first time on the shores of Lake Michigan.

A view of the cabin from the beach.

My dad and Vicki.

My feet :)

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