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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Eeew Pumpkins

We headed out to the pumpkin patch today so James could pick a couple out. He is getting so funny with getting his pictures taken lately. If I tell him I want to take a picture of him he will totally pose, but he won't look at the camera. I couldn't ask for more if he would just smile and look at the camera LOL!

After we got home, ate some yummy Happy Meals, and took a nap, we decided to carve the pumpkins. Now, When you think of the fun, slimy goop, pumpkin guts and sticky seeds of a pumpkin and throw a little boy in the mix what do you think you would get? A total mess right? Try a boy who would not touch the guts and cleaned out his pumpkin one seed at a time with a spoon. Poor kid was watching Caleb grab hand fulls of the stuff and just sat there quivering. He is a funny kid. I am a horrible mom and towards the end forced his hand in the bowl of guts. He just kind of looked at me in shock. He lived though :)

See the one seed? This whole cleaning out the pumpkin thing only lasted about 10 minutes before he gave up and Caleb had to finish. I was busy sorting the seeds.

Caleb's cute little carvings. I love when guys try to get crafty...he is actually pretty good though!

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Anonymous said...

Oh that looks like so much fun!!!! Love, Maammaneedstobetheretoday!!