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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Pumpkin Bread

There is something terribly wrong with being pregnant right now...call it bad timing. For those women who are thinking about getting pregnant, here is my advice to you:
  • Try avoid being pregnant the month of October. OH and I am sure November and December too for obvious weight gain reasons.
  • Don't be pregnant when McDonalds is having their Monopoly games going on.
  • Don't be pregnant during Halloween...unless you hate chocolate and all other sweets.
  • Do I really need to say anything about November and December?
  • Try to be pregnant when it is nice outside. You are more active this way and are more used to walking around so you don't get winded when you end up bringing your 2 year old trick or treating.

And for those of us who are pregnant and have binged on crap like myself here is a guilt free treat. (Just ignore the nuts in it and the butter I caked on it)

Yummy pumpkin bread! This pumpkin bread is fat free and made with some wheat flour. The only butter in it is the butter you see on top :) To my surprise it is VERY good. A pregnant gal needs her treats, but I had to do something since I ran out of Halloween candy am feeling a bit guilty about eating some sweets. The recipe is HERE. I cut it in half and only made one loaf.


Emily said...

Have you ever tried pumpkin bread with whipped cream cheese on top? It's heavenly (in a dangerous sort of way)...

Jenny said...

That looks soo good. Yum. And thanks for the advice, I'll try to avoid being pregnant during those months!! :)

Roxanne said...

mmmmmmm that looks so good! i'll have to try it

Anonymous said...

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