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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Almost 38 weeks!

This was taken a couple days ago, so I was like 37 1/2 weeks. Sorry about the bare belly, I took this for my own records, but I thought I should post something too :) I go in for my apt tomorrow and I am anxious! I am hoping he is gonna tell me I am 5 cm dilated ands send me off to labor and delivery to brake my water and have a super fast, pain free labor. IN MY DREAMS RIGHT? So at my last apt, last week, my blood pressure was pretty high and I do have some swelling. It is something they are watching, so I will see what's going on tomorrow. He also was thinking that I could have the baby THIS week! I made a to do list for myself and Caleb. We both have been plunking along and crossing stuff off so I have been slowly feeling more prepared! Shouldn't be too much longer!

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Anonymous said...

Whoa Mama! Love Maamahasjust2weekstogo!