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Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a bunch of goobers!

I was about to make James lunch yesterday when I asked him what he wanted. He said over and over he wanted pencils. Pencils? Yes! Pencils! After trying to figure it out for a while it finally came to me that he wanted pretzels. :)

I was reading him a story before nap about the ocean and it's creatures. It came to an octopus. I pointed to it and asked him what it was. A donkpus.

This one happened a while ago, but I still chuckle thinking about it. I was in the kitchen doing the dishes and Caleb and James were in the living room. I had just done some laundry so there was a laundry basket of clothes by them. I am just listening to their conversation when James says, "Oh cute shirt."
Caleb replies, "That's not a shirt, that's mommy's underwear." LOL!

I will leave you with this picture...

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Jenny said...

Haha! Eli thought my underwear was a shirt as well! He was being quiet one day and I heard him coming down the stairs saying "Mommy's shirt!" and when I finally saw him. He had my underwear around his neck! haha. I took a picture for blackmail. Kids are so funny!

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