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Monday, March 22, 2010

Ya think she is gonna like cars?

Either that or she will hate them. They have been forced in her sweet little girl face since birth.

It was funny, James gave her a car and she actually grabbed it and threw it. I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but it was still funny. James looked a little shocked.

The sun makes her look like a platinum blonde. She's not.

We are starting the moving process, boy that is fun! I am excited to move, just not doing the labor of it. Ugh. My body is sore from all the packing I did yesterday. Looks like I gotta keep on keepin on today! Good thing Auntie JJ is coming tomorrow to help!! HA HA Erika! She planned her vacation to come here not knowing we would be totally moving while she is here! :)



ashleygabiou said...

Ok so Ada is adorable!!!! To bad she is the only girl for all of theseboys to fight over :) LOL. I loved seeign you guys on Saturday and we should all get together again soon :) Don't forget that Lance's b-day is going to be on June 6th since I'm due to the 24th. Hopefully you guys can make it. I'll send invites out soon :)

Sarah M said...

Bridget your children are to die for!! Where the heck are you moving?????

Anonymous said...

Ada looks like mini Bridget with light hair! Love Maamasallweepythinkingofbabybridget

Sarah M said...

she does look exactly like baby Bridget!