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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blog blog blog

Is what is in the back of my mind. I need to BLOG! This poor Ada child is getting no attention on this blog. If you look back at what I blogged about James at this age, I kind of looked like a freak! :)

Not sure at all why she seems to be mad at the world in these ones. There was no getting that look off of her face either!

Baby Luke. My cousin Marianne's sweetness.

We were over at my aunt and uncle's beautiful lake home. Good times! Yummy steaks, thanks Dennis and Steve!
Ada went on her first boat ride!
A very tired Jacob...This child is so happy. Even if he is delirious. Gotta love a crazy tired kid :)

Now, I am sure an automatic reaction to this picture is to grab your computer screen and kiss those cheeks. It's OK, no one is watching!


Anonymous said...

Ada is her Aunts niece. Erika didnt crack to many smiles either. There you go. We loved Erika smile or not..(still do) = ) And she turned out so wonderful! Love, Maamasproudofallhergirls!

ashleygabiou said...

About time you started blogging again. I have been checking everyday waiting for a update and more pics of your babes :) Ada is such a cute and I do want to just kiss those cheeks !!

Ka said...

Ok back to the negligence.. What's up with that? MON!

ashleygabiou said...

Oh where or where has bridget gone or where oh where can you be?? I miss the blog !! I check everyday to see if you have added something and nothing :(

Diet Consultant said...

That last photo is way too cute! It looks so serene. That would look really good blown up and framed.

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