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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Say What!?

I am a crappy blogger and photographer to my family and friends. This past week was spent with lots of friends and family. Guess what gang? Pretty sure I took about 5 pictures the whole time. I am sitting here kicking myself...what the heck is my problem? The pictures I am posting were mostly taken by Auntie JJ and Grampy McP. So kuddos to you guys for capturing something from the last week! Good grief! I have had numerous family get-togethers, a wedding, a shower, and lots of other fabulous photo opportunities. FAIL! I get a big FAT FAIL!!! Aside from my failure, I will fill you in on what this last week was all about.

My dad and Vicki came into town and finally met Ada! We went to a little BBQ at Vicki's parent's house. And just to mention, on this particular day, I am pretty sure it was about 150 degrees with and humidity of 1000. I may be exaggerating just a tad. Needless to say, it was FREAKING HOT!

My pops and I. This blog post will probably be the most you will ever see of me since I was hardly ever behind the camera. I suck.

Oh, and Caleb and I finally got hitched :) We had a little ceremony and dinner on 8/9/10!

My lovely sis and I.

Erika and Ada at the dinner after the wedding ceremony.

A family pic :)

My new hubby!

My mom, Bruce, and I went out to the Mall of America and took James on some rides. He really liked them! We also went to Ikea after, but I don't want to talk about it. Right Bruce? :)

James and Sponge Bob!
The whole week was great, fun, special, full of love, and more, that words can't explain. I sit here all alone (with my kids of course). It feels very weird since I have been surrounded by people for so long. Everyone is DEEPLY missed already. What I am basically saying is: TO ALL OF YOU WHO I LOVE SO MUCH AND ALL LIVE OUT OF STATE: THE GREAT STATE OF MINNESOTA IS CALLING YOUR NAME. IT IS TIME TO CONSIDER MOVING. YOUR KIDS, GRAND KIDS, NIECE AND NEPHEW, SISTER AND NEWLY BROTHER MISS YOU ALL VERY MUCH AND WANT YOU MORE IN THEIR LIVES!!! No guilt trip here at all :)


Ka said...


Anonymous said...

FAIL!!!! Love Grammy McPEEE (I guess we're back to Grammy & Grampy McP) Thats easier for me..to many Grandparents, NanoNanos, PooPoos, GumGums & GooGoos

B said...

CONGRATS! That's so wonderful that you guys got married - one of these days me and my SO will too!

James looks so much like his daddy in that picture of your hubby alone :)

Jenny said...

Congrats Bridget!!