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Monday, November 15, 2010

Our weekend

Thursday: We finally got around to raking our yard. It seemed to be just in the nick of time too. It was a nice cool day. While we were all outside our neighbor came over to ask if we had electricity. It didn't surprise me that we didn't have any. We live in an old, historic part of town. All of the houses in our area are really old. Apparently the electricity or wiring is really old too. We have went without power at least 10 times since the beginning of summer. Normally it is only out for a couple hours or so. I think it was maybe out for like 3 or 4 this time. Not that big of deal.

James helping Caleb rake.

Ada wanting me to get that stuff out of her mouth. Or maybe she was just showing off what she was eating. So proud.

Fast forward a couple days of kids who were sick then not sick, then sick again (Ada). She had diarea and was throwing up, with an ear infection to top the cake. We come to Saturday. Good bye fall, hello winter. We got dumped with 12 or so inches overnight from Friday to Saturday. It continued to snow all day Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday night rolls around and we loose electricity again, this time we knew it was from the wet, heavy snow. There were a lot of Minnesotans with out power. We go the whole night without power. Luckily, the house stayed warm enough, with heavy blankets, to sleep comfortably with no heat. I guess I don't know how comfortable James was. He decided to catch the tummy bug that is going around our house and puke all over. In the pitch black. With no electricity. That was interesting. The following pics were taken Sunday morning.

Sunday morning rolls around and still no power. It started to get colder in the house. I had a photo session at 1pm. Came back and what do you know? 2pm, still no power. Our neighbor had called the electric company that morning and they said that our power was supposed to be on at 9am. Well, at 2pm it was still off. Caleb called the electric company and they were estimating it would be back on MONDAY EVENING. We knew we couldn't do another night in our house. So we got a hotel room.
We arrived at the hotel room not too long after check in at 3pm. I don't think we realized how cold and crabby everyone was until we got to that room and cranked the heat. Our cheeks turned bright red from the temperature change. I think we may have turned it up a little too high. We all kind of started over heating a little. Hence the pics with shirtless kiddos.

Ada was obsessed with her new little friend.

Cuddly, Cozy.

James thought the whole thing was really fun, so did Ada. James and I hit the pool and did a little swimming before bed. I had two tuckered out little ones that's for sure!

- And yes, I am labeling this one as vacation. It will probably be a while until we actually have one, so why not! :)


The Nielson's said...

Oh I can't imagine sick kiddos in the dark was very fun at all! UGH! Im glad you guys got a mini vacation...lol. A hotel is always fun for kiddos. Cute pictures and I love the snowman!

gigs from home said...

wowwwww.. cute pics, these pic show the image of happy family, weldone