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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter craft

All of this snow is really getting me into the Christmas spirit. I am so excited for Christmas!! I really just want to whip out all of the Christmas stuff, including the tree. Pretty sure Caleb would think I was crazy...I can wait a week! :) In the mean time, James and I made some wintery (forget Thanksgiving!) window clings. These were super easy, and fun.


I am not going to lie, I pretty much had to do the whole project by myself.
All you do is get some puff paint. I got white, but really wanted a sparkly white. (I got home and realized I bought the wrong one, it worked fine though). Draw out some snowflakes on paper. Put wax paper over the paper and trace the snowflake shape with the puff paint onto the wax paper. That sentence is confusing.
Get a cookie sheet.
Put down the piece of paper you drew the snow flakes on.
Then put a piece of wax paper over that sheet of paper so you can see the snowflake threw the wax paper.
Take your puff paint and trace the snowflake on the wax paper. (I found it works best if you draw kind of thicker lines...it makes the peeling part easier).
Let it dry overnight
Once dry, carefully peel and stick on a window. James helped with this process. He also did the tracing with puff paint with my help.
I think I am going to make a million of these and stick them all over the joint.


B said...

Great idea - this will keep the girls I watch busy!! I like your honesty about having to do it all by yourself...isn't that how most kid craft projects go?!

Anonymous said...

Sounds a little to hard for Grammy McP

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