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Friday, September 09, 2011

click click click

Photobucket These pictures are life. They are the everyday. I am not kicking toys to the side to get a good picture to post on Facebook or (rarely) my blog. Play clothes, faces full of dirt from a hard day of play, soap residue covering, well, everything from blowing bubbles until our eyes pop out. Little girls hair NOT neatly tied back by with a clip or pony. It's life. Why lie about it? I was looking at the pics as I uploaded them to my computer.
Photobucket Maybe I can edit this one? The photographer in me comes out. Not that it ever goes away. Ohhh look at how dirty they look. Photobucket Isn't that what pictures are all about? Capturing TIME. Yes, CAPTURING TIME! That is how they looked at that particular point. And you bet your socks off that is how I want to remember it. Real. Not doctored, edited, spiffed up. Photobucket My babies. Bubble lips. Dirty feet. Discovering, learning, being. At this moment. And I get to keep that forever. Photobucket Yep, I will be that crazy lady in 50 years with all of the photo albums and hundreds of pictures on the walls. I won't deny it either. Photobucket Take more pictures. There isn't such a thing as too many pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Love these pictures!!! Love Maama