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Sunday, December 04, 2011

A wintery kind of day

What a lovely Sunday! After a couple cancellations, I ended up having the day off! This has not happened on a weekend in, well, I don't even know when! So it really felt like a day off. Starting with meeting our new friend George (See post below), we also played lots in the snow. James ended up going out twice. Oh he loved it! So did Ada, but she was pretty annoyed with her mittens that were just a big joke. After at least 20 minutes of trying to get her thumbs in those dang thumb holes, I gave up and just shoved her hand in best they would fit. Poor thing, really couldn't even use her hands while playing. Grilled cheese and hot coco for lunch, went on a quick trip to Walmart, made some fudge, yummy tacos, cuddles on the couch. Ended the day off with a warm bath and chapped cheeks.


Shafiqul said...
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Anonymous said...

I LOVE them all, what fun!! Love Maama