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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Georgie (Elf on the Shelf)

Upon waking up this morning, the kids discovered a wrapped present under the tree. It seems as though a little pixie elf, one of Santa's helpers of course, came to our house last night and left a book about himself. He also didn't leave. Looks like he will be sticking around until Christmas. In the book he says that every night he leaves to go tell Santa if James and Ada have been naughty or nice. He returns before the kids wake up and puts himself in a different spot in the house. So the kids have a fun time finding him every morning. I think our little elf, who James immediately named "Georgie", might be playing some tricks and leaving little surprises every now and then.
For those that would like to learn more about this tradition check out Elf on a the Shelf. Not sure if they are still having the deal, but Target (in store) had it for $29.95 and you also recieved a $5.00 gift certificate.
Also note that each elf is different, there are different variations anyway, dark skin, light skin, brown or blue eyes, light or dark hair.
I love Christmas and fun traditions like this! So excited to see what Georgie does next!


Anonymous said...

That is great! Love Maama

B said...

I love elf on the shelf. I've had a lot of kids I nanny for do it, and can't wait until Ava is old enough to enjoy it also :)

PS for a good laugh, Baby Rabies (babyrabies.com) put up pics of her elf in, ahem, compromising positions, and it is hilarious! You should check it out :)