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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

...a very good place to start...

I guess we shall start at the very beginning! Get ready gang.

The week before Christmas James had a Holiday program at school. I just love these things and watching all of these kids. The boy and the two girls next to him are his best friends he says. :)

After the program, we all did a few crafts and left to start Christmas vacation!!
The next day we went to my family's Christmas celebration of Christmas Camp. Our family is huge, as you can see in the pic above, so we rent out a camp for the weekend. The kids had a blast.

Santa comes and everyone gets a gift. You can see the kids waiting for Santa below.

The week of Christmas we did a lot of hanging around and cuddling on the couch. My fav. We can't forget about Georgie!! Our little elf friends made a visit every night. The kids woke up on xmas eve morn to a present from Georgie. He gave them each new jammies to wear when Santa came. This has actually been a tradition since James was born.

Oh Christmas morning, how I love thee. Pretty sure I had a hard time sleeping because I was so excited. :)

They got some stuff they really wanted which is super fun to see them get so excited about.

Caleb made us a YUMMY breakfast...

My dad and Vicki came over and hung out the rest of the day. My dad made us some more delicious food and we all sat around with expanding waistlines.

We have had amazing weather for a Minnesota winter. Temps mostly in the 40s, when it should be well below zero. I am not complaining!

Ada turned TWO on the 5th!! Happy Birthday my sweet! She looks so old in these two pics. *tear*

We had a little shindig for her this last Sunday. She is in love with Dora right now, so appropriately we decked the house in Dora. It's funny though. I never thought I would fall into the kind of tacky licensed character birthday parties. I always thought I would have these super cute, crafty parties. I am not going to lie, I tried to pressure Ada into an owl party. She wasn't into it at all. But then realizing, who am I to deny her of her favorite things? She likes Dora? Damn it, I will give her Dora!

This is what we are up to these days...

Big girl undies!!

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