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Friday, February 03, 2012

It's February?

We have been pretty lucky this year when it comes to sickness. Last year we got hit so hard, it was literally like every 2 weeks. We have had one cold late fall, and then last week we were hit. Nothing too bad, and some how James dodged it. The winter blues are starting to set in. We have been so lucky to have had the mild, and unusually warm winter we have had. I know I need to take more pictures, even though Ada tends to be bare butt lately. We have been going strong on the whole potty training deal. James was SO flipping easy. Seriously, he had probably less than a total of 10 accidents and he was done.  Ada - well if you would have asked me earlier today, I would have said she is being SO difficult, but today went really well. It was day 3 in our potty training adventures and she only had 1 accident and went on the potty about 5x! Sorry for all the bathroom info. I like to get this kind of stuff on my blog so I can remember it. :)
James has been going to school and really loving it. He has a little best friend in his class named Kaitlyn. Threw me for a loop when he first started talking about her, it's so cute though. I went to a little kindergarten info meeting and it looks like he will be going pretty much every other day all day. I am SO not ready for that. I mean obviously I am not going to hold him back or anything, but he just seems too little for such long days! Just to catch up my blog a bit here is what James is really into right now, some of his favorite things...
Legos, specifically police legos, anything police, watching "lego videos" on you tube, he loves gum, sandwiches, hummus, books, backyardigans.

Ada has been pretty much trapped in the house this winter. We have done some things here and there, but to be honest I am terrified of her getting RSV again. Ok, that may sound worse than it is...I am not specifically NOT doing things because I am a freak and think she is going to get it. She just doesn't come to walmart, grocery stores, gym child care, etc. much. We hang out with friends and such, but that's about it. RSV is hitting hard around here right now, and that is the last thing I want to go through again. A few of Ada's favorite things..
Coloring, singing, backyardigans, wearing every ones shoes, playing with James, gummy bears, chicken.
Oy. I just feel like we are just not up to much, and definitely not blog worthy. C'mon spring!

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B said...

Great going on the potty training - hang in there!!!

Love the pictures of them painting - Ada looks like such a big girl now!

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