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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not sure if I am going to make it...

Ever have one of those days where you really aren't sure you are going to make it through the day with out screaming your lungs out? I very well might be having one of those days. It is only 10:30am so things could turn around, I hope.

Oh my sweet kids, I love them so much, I really do. I am not sure what's going on with James today, if he is just tired, or maybe getting sick. He has had tears strolling down his face the majority of the day. It sounds so sweet and sad said like that. It's more like he is flailing his body on the floor and screaming so loud, I am sure the neighbors thing there is a murder going on. I am actually surprised the police have not been called. What is bringing on the tears? For a good hour after we woke up he just pretty much thought no one loved him. He is a hugger and a lover. He just started flailing about randomly screaming that no one would hug him. Trying to give him hugs and make him feel loved didn't work. I mean at some point I just stood there. This is ridiculous. We had a nice chat about how it's OK to cry, but he doesn't need to cry for no reason.

These have been situations that I can't do anything about. What made me sit down on this computer to vent a tad, and more so just wright it down because I know I will forget it and looking back on it I am sure it will be funny. James' next bout of hysterics occurred when he asked me how many days until his birthday. 71. OBVIOUSLY the wrong answer. Again, absolutely nothing I can do. That is just way too long to wait. I really do try to right the situation, you know try to give him some great talk that I believe will help him along and make him into such an amazing adult. Uh yeah. Flail, scream, tears. He finally regroups himself and starts to calm down. Five minutes later he asks me when Halloween is. I drop my head and close my eyes.

Oh little Ada. Sassy, smart, Ada. She has learned what really makes James tick and doesn't skip a beat. She was the one saying she didn't want a hug, then pooped on the floor. Let's get the whole house up in a tizzy. She has been doing so great with potty training, like too great. She has issues with pooping, which is normal, but she is getting there. With photographing a wedding, and Easter this weekend I obviously got behind on the laundry. She now stands in the dinning room putting Lego's in her mouth wearing a nice pair of 5T Lightning McQueen undies. I am getting there too. As I am trying to find the perfect, most profound words to say to James as he is in his 3 or 7th scream fest, Ada is just standing there starring at me. She just turned 2 in January so her language isn't the best. Clear as day she is looking at me and says, "Mom, your head is crazy."

Another super fun saying this morning coming out of all little mouths. I am hungry. I am starving. I NEVER get to eat. Hmmm. Well, Ate breakfast and 2 snacks already. Being we need to go grocery shopping like 2 days ago, options aren't really an option. I bought these cracker things and had 2 left. James loves them, peanut butter and chocolate sandwiched between 2 long crackers. ONLY today that these particular last snack in the house crackers would be faulty. There was no chocolate in them. I am sure I don't need to explain what happened next.

Yes Ada, my head is crazy.

No pics in this post, see below post for some newer pics.

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