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Monday, April 09, 2012

sweet sibs

James came out of his room today with a plastic bag full of homemade flash cards. Just a bunch of cut out squares with different, pictures, shapes, colors, etc. He brought them over to me and told me he really wanted to teach Ada. They sat down on the couch for a long time and went through the cards. This sweet boy melts my heart. These two together are sometimes more than my heart can handle. You know the feeling I am talking about. They have got to the point where they play super good together. It does come with a lot of  fighting these days. James is super sensitive and pretty much his mission for the day is to make sure Ada still loves him. He is such a good big brother. He tells her he loves her repeatedly throughout the day. Lots of hugs and kisses in our house. James will often start to freak out a tad if he thinks Ada is mad at him or doesn't want to play with him. Ada is super smart and a little sneaky. I think she is figuring out fast how to push James' buttons. ...she definitely knows how to push mine ;).

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Jenny said...

So sweet!!! I hope all my kids love each other like that. :)

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