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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Mismatched Grouchy Gym Teacher

If I could choose any day, weather wise, that I have lived in my life to live everyday for the rest of my life today would have been the day. I am pretty sure that was the most confusing sentence I have ever written, just go with it.

PERFECT weather, absolutely gorgeous! We went on a walk and headed to our little park. We had a little difficulty with nap time today, and it ended up only lasting 45 minutes or so. He was a tad grouchy, but still had a lot of fun.
For the record, I did not intentionally dress him in this outfit. He was in these super cute overalls, spilled on them, and I grabbed the nearest pair of clean pants.
A little excited for his park.

Diggin around in my camera bag.

Getting a little sleepy on the stroll home. Sweet heart.

I know they are ugly as sin, but feel like heaven to my feet. I love my bright green Crocs. Can't beat brand new for $5.00 from Goodwill either! I really think everyone needs a pair, you are missing out if you don't have some!! Just to let you know :)


Flower said...


GREAT pics as usual! I have to agree with you on the Crocs. I bought a pair of Mary Janes and feel they are the best thing ever! Finish Line has them for $14.99.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Mismatched?? You should stop by my blog and take a look at Sept. 5th post!! LOL

BTW, I have a pair of wannabe Crocs, and I cant live without them... Mine are PINK, of course!!

nicole said...

Grouchy, not enough napping, park, camera

that sounds just like our day yesterday. LOL

I love your blog.

Kim said...

Bridget - I love that pic of your son. The one where's he's tired. It's so cute!!

Robin and Emz said...

you've got nice shots of your son;) thanks for passing by my blog. have a nice day!

The Mouse House said...

You always take such fantastic photos:)