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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I think James is ready for a job

James has always been such a busy busy boy. I think he is ready for a job. As I was sitting on the couch today talking to my sister while James brought me every pan in the cupboard then took one by one back and put them away, we got to talking about how James would probably be happy to have a job. We were thinking that since Walmart is an equal opportunity employer James would make a great greeter. Strap him in to a cart and he could sit there and wave. I think this idea defeats the whole purpose, now that I think about it, of him being a busy boy. He would need to be stocking shelves or something. OK, I am crazy I know. I talk to my sister everyday and sometimes we run out of things to say so we just start talking about whatever.

This is a little park at the church right by our house.
James working. Place sand into buckets, pick up buckets, move buckets, pick up same buckets, move buckets to a different location, take out some of sand, drop buckets when easily distracted by an airplane. OK, maybe he isn't ready to work.


nicole said...

You have to be silly sometimes, there's enough to be serious about in life.

Kate said...

Aww, such a little cutie pie!! Dylan does the same things. In, out, repeat. Up, down, repeat. They are so funny at this age :)

Quiet City said...

You are hilarious!

Dawn said...

The pics are so cute

Melissa said...

ha, the funny thing is that for some reason, I get it. :)

How cute! Funny post, thanks for the smiles and laughs!