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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bayfield Memorial weekend

For Memorial weekend, we headed up north to Bayfield, WI. It was Ada's first time at Lake Superior! I just love going up there, it is such a nice place for a mini vacation, close to home, but not too close. It is always fun for James too, as he gets spoiled rotten. As my family always said: You can eat whatever you want to when you are on vacation!

It is about a 3-3.5 hour drive and this is what you see the majority of the ride.

Those are some kissable lips right there!

Taken in motion looking over Caleb's shoulder as he drove.

If this picture looks familiar to anyone it may be from other times we went up there. A few of these pics may look similar :) Click here and here to see past trips.

My loves!

James eating with his bird friend


Flower said...

GREAT pics as usual!! I've been gone for so long. I didn't even know you had a baby girl! Congrats! I hope to continue readind and updating my own blog.


Roxanne said...

James looks happy enough in his grandpa's lap and the bird, but a little nervous when it's just him!

Carry said...

Wow, I hope to continue readind and updating my own blog, thanx for posting this with us.