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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

bird feeders

I remember doing this when I was a kid, so I though I would try it with James.

Peanut butter bird feeders
Above are the supplies you need. You will also need some string or something to hang from a tree.

smear pb on pine cones

roll them around in bird seed

Now, this was the part I couldn't remember as a kid. How did we hang them from the tree? How did the birds eat it if there was no where for them to sit? Well, we hung them from this hemp cord, and I also made a little perch for the birds to sit on. I never saw one bird eating from them and the second day they were up, overnight they were ripped off the tree. The cord was still there. I am thinking a raccoon or bear got them! It was fun for James to make them anyway!


Anonymous said...

I dont remember how the birds ate either, but they did!

roxanne said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAH the best part were the perches!