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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where is the pause button?

I think there are few types of things you can do to a toddler, that makes them look grown up all of the sudden. This for me was it for Ada. I mean look at her, she is a big girl. For James, it was the first real hair cut. All of the sudden they are little people. All clean cut and ready for work. I know when I do cut Ada's hair that will be another one of these baby to big kid transitions I will have to get used to.

I am not sure I am ready for my baby to grow up. I would prefer to keep them both at the age they are at right now. Before James starts to hit those weird akward ages.

James is in preschool and when I pick him up the parents must wait at the entrance of the building and wait for their kids there. He goes to preschool at our neighborhood public school, so as I wait I watch the other kids in single file lines go to art class, gym, etc. I think they are mostly 1st and 2nd graders that I see. Their hair all matted to their head from static, clothes just don't fit right- to small or too big, teeth just too big for their cute little faces, etc. Of course these kids are still cute and beautiful, but it seems like such an akward age. Now thinking about it, I guess all school aged kids are in some sort of akward stage at any given time.

My kids are still so little and cute and they still cuddle me. I think that is the biggest thing for me. They still cuddle me and eachother. I don't know for how much longer I will be lucky to have kids that actually like eachother. I just have to take it in now, remember, create memories, and take lots of pictures. It will be gone too fast.

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Jenny said...

I'm trying to remind myself of the same things lately. I felt like time has gone by so fast the past year! I can't believe our boys will be 4 in a couple months!