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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Wednesday

I get these ideas in my head of fun things to do with the kids. As the weather gets warmer, I conduct a list of super fun things I want to do, time passes and winter rolls around again. I really want to make it a point to actually do some of these things. I am thinking every Wednesday I am going to get out with the kids and do these things. Unlike a lot of my other plans, I hope this one actually sticks. Last Wednesday I took the kids, spur of the moment, to the Como Zoo and the fun didn't end there. Photobucket This was Ada's first time at the Zoo. We saw the monkeys first. The second we walked through the door to the monkeys, Ada started yelling with joy. Photobucket They had this really cool tropical exibit going on at the time. It felt so so so good, the heat and humidity. It just so happened at the time we were walking through the exibit there was a zoo lady talking about amphibians. James stood and listened with all his little heart. Ada was a little antsy at this point so I turned her around facing a tank full of tropical fish. The lady was taking about frogs. She presented this little black and blue frog. There were quite a few other kids there listening as well, she asked if we had frogs that were black and green in Minnesota. Everyone quietly answered with a no. She then asked what color the frogs in Minnesota generally were. Nothing but silence, until a couple seconds later when Ada yelled out, "GEEEN." Ha Ha! I am almost positive she wasn't really answering the question. But man alive, it was funny. The lady asked if she just said green. It was pretty funny. Photobucket After our zoo venture, we ran to Target and bought some lunch stuff and went to a park and had a little picnic lunch. We had a little friend that tried to find some dropped food. The kids loved it. We then played on the swings for a bit and went on our way. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket I love that the ground of the playground was made out of recycled tires. So cool and cushy. Photobucket Photobucket After the park we headed over to my friend Tiffany's house for a little play date. Ada was right in there with the big kids playing. Ugh, my baby is becoming a not-so baby. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket The fun doesn't end there. While at Tiffany's I noticed something behind Ada's ear. A big a$$ wood tick. Yuck. Gross. Ick. The head was nice and stuck in. I ended up bringing her in to the urgent care to get removed. I am REALLY hoping this isn't a sign of things to come this summer. We came back home and within 15 minutes, this was James... Photobucket
What a fun, eventful day we had! Love it!
I had another fun adventure planed today, but sickness in the house forced us to stay home and cuddle. Well, besides the 3 hours spent at the doctor's office and pharmacy. Ada has some sort of virus and Strep. She is miserable. :(


B said...

Awww, sorry Ada has been sick! That's never fun!

Looks like a lovely trip to the Zoo, though!

Anonymous said...

You are such a wonderful mom!
auntie amy